Is there a way to tell if my climbing shoes are too tight?

I feel that my climbing shoes are too tight for my feet. Before buying them, I was told that they should fit tightly but now when I use them ,they are not comfortable to wear even after months of using them. After 30 minutes of using them, I need to remove them to relieve my feet. Is it normal or do you suggest that I buy a bigger one?

It all depends on how you use it or climb and the reason why they are uncomfortable. Some climbers say that climbing shoes only needs to feel comfortable for a certain period of time (like 10 – 30 minutes) but that is when you are climbing in a gym.

Most of the time outdoor climbing needs several hours to a full day of you wearing your shoes most especially when you are doing multi-pitch routes. If your climbing skills are high, and you need a very agressively-curved shoes, this will worsen the discomfort, but it is not necessary.

Some shoes are also uncomfortable to wear because they are fitted too small or because of the design of the shoes. If you think that the size is too small then, go ahead and try something that is bigger and check how the shoes fit. If you think that it is because of the shoe shape, think whether you really need to have an aggressively designed pair of shoes and how much the shoes help you in your climbing or hurt you while practicing.

If the pair you are wearing is uncomfortable that you have the urge to remove them for less that 30 minutes at a time, then how does this help you improve climbing?