What are the things that I need to look for when buying rock climbing shoes?

I am a beginner at rock climbing who is interested in joining a gym so I want to buy a pair of climbing shoes instead of renting them. I usually spend time bouldering but I am still not sure whether I want to get bouldering shoes or a multi-purpose shoes since I am just starting out. I will appreciate any helpful information on the best brands and what type of shoes to look for.

For beginners like you, get a pair that fits perfectly with your foot because your toes are not yet used to being curled up into a pair of shoes where there is not enough room for your toes to breath or move properly.

Wearing shoes that are too tight will cause you to have blisters. Wearing a good pair of shoes does not mean getting it from a certain brand/s but by how your feet is going to adjust with the shoe’s capacity. Do not worry because almost all climbing shoes expands the longer you wear them.

If possible, get the right shoe size on the rock in the gym. That is because you probably do not want to go back to the shop where you bought your shoes and exchange it for a different size. Always remember that feeling a bit of pain is alright but not to the point that the pain is too much.

Another tip that we can offer is that, after you climb, rid your shoes of dirt/chalk as much as possible with clean hands to help prolong the lifespan of your shoes. Using a wet or even a dry cloth is not encouraged because they have a tendency to rub off some rubber on the shoe that may cause it to wear off.