How are climbing shoes supposed to fit?

I just got an Evolv climbing shoes and am wondering how they are supposed to fit. The size is 11.5 which is a half size smaller than my normal shoe. The climbing shoes feel snug but my toes are being pinched. Is this normal?

Some people buy rock climbing shoes that are tight and smaller than their normal shoe sizes but then, some of them got over the idea of getting the tightest fit in exchange for something that does not give them too much pain when climbing.

A snug fit its good because you do not want your shoes moving around your feet but remember that it does not need to be uncomfortable. Leather shoes without lining will stretch but the ones with a cloth lining is unstretchable.

When you are going to buy a pair of shoes make sure that you try them on and try them all. Get the ones that makes your toes feel secure and comfortable. NOTE: The answer above is directed to the novice climbers. When you are an advanced or high grade climber, a painfully tight pair of climbing shoes might makes a difference. Although for a recreational and mid-grade climber who are used to doing a lot of long routes, painfully tight shoes are disadvantageous.