How can you tell that your rock climbing shoes are too tight?

If your toes are too crunched can that be considered as too tight?

The shoes kind of hurts when I point them up or down. It often hurts wearing them but they are brand new Mad Rock Shoes and I do not know whether this is a normal occurrenceence or not.

You can check whether your shoes are tight enough by grabing the front part of your shoe and find it hard for you to rotate it about your foot. If you can slightly rotate your foot inside your shoe, then the tightness is not enough for good edge holding. Or, simply put, you will eventually find yourself rolling right off critical edge holds on rock which you do not want to happen. Alternatively, you can buy a pair that is two sizes smaller and try to fit your feet into them but that is not ideal too. The best advice that we can give you is to take your time to shop for the right pair of shoes that fits you exactly.