Best Rock Climbing Shoes

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Best Rock Climbing Shoes Overall: La Sportiva Katana Lace for Men5" L x 8" W x 14" H2.8 lbfrom $172.88View on Amazon
Best Rock Climbing Shoes Overall: La Sportiva Katana Lace for Women13" L x 6" W x 5" H1.4 lbfrom $135.00View on Amazon
Best Classic Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva Miura for Men8.1" L x 8" W x 12.7" H4.1 lbfrom $123.76View on Amazon
Best Classic Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva Miura for WomenNANA$115.00View on Amazon
Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet: Scarpa Instinct (Unisex)12" L x 8" W x 4" H2 lbfrom $145.00View on Amazon
Best Comfortable Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva Mythos for MenNANAfrom $89.99View on Amazon
Best Comfortable Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva Mythos for WomenNANAView on Amazon
Best Value Rock Climbing Shoes : Five Ten Anasazi (Unisex)12" L x 8" W x 4" H2 lb$125.00View on Amazon
Best Sport Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva Unisex GeniusNANAfrom $175.90View on Amazon
Best Bouldering Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva Solution for Men4" L x 6" W x 14" H1.5 lbfrom $135.37View on Amazon
Best Bouldering Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva Solution for Women13" L x 7" W x 5" H1.8 lbfrom $128.87View on Amazon
Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Long Routes: Five Ten Gambit VCSNANAfrom $120.00View on Amazon
Best Beginner’s Rock Climbing Shoes: Evolv Defy for Men13.2" L x 6.2" W x 4" H1.7 lbView on Amazon
Best Beginner’s Rock Climbing Shoes: Evolv Defy for Women13.3" L x 6.1" W x 3.8" H1.3 lbView on Amazon
Best Traditional Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva TC for MenNANAfrom $172.63View on Amazon
Best Traditional Rock Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva TC for WomenNANAfrom $115.00View on Amazon
Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Overhangs and Slabs: Evolv Supra14" L x 7" W x 4" H1.4 lbfrom $138.96View on Amazon

Rock climbing shoes are just as varied as climbers who ascend different types of rock. The usual types of climbing are sport, bouldering, gym, crack, traditional, overhangs, approach, and big walls. Each type demands different features and design. Climbers would be much safer and comfortable wearing climbing shoes since these have rubber soles that offer superb traction, allowing climbers to stay on even the most indiscernible crevices. Climbing shoes also have snug fit, and are worn without socks.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Rock Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes need to fit the feet perfectly. It would be best to try the shoes out in person, since the fit depends of the shape of the feet. The shoes should not feel too tight, and must ultimately feel right. Toes should curl a bit at first since climbing shoes tend to stretch out with time. The fit around the foot should be secure enough, without feeling too tight. Although, the higher the grade of climb, the tighter the shoe should be. Sport Climbing and bouldering are better done with tight shoes since climbers will not stay on the rock for too long. Multi-pitch climbs will be best tackled using shoes that are not as tight.

The shoe shape affects how the climbing shoe performs during a climb, and how it would feel on a foot. Neutral shoes have a natural fit, and have an almost flat sole. It would be easy to stand on flat ground with them. They are ideal for beginners, and for long climbs that don’t require precise edging. Moderate shoes are a bit downturned and have medium heel tension. Aggressive shoes have an asymmetrical shape with high heel tension. They will do well in hard climbing, but wouldn’t feel too comfortable

Climbing shoes also differ in stiffness, with stiffer ones providing more support and lessening work for the feet. They are the ones often used for traditional climbing, and for longer days on rock. Softer ones are more sensitive, and are often used for climbing slabs.

The toe box of a climbing shoe may be narrow or wide. Aggressive shoes will have pointier toes. It would also be good for climbers to match their toe type with the shoe’s toe box.

The types of material that climbing shoes use are leather, synthetic, or lined leather. Leather climbing shoes stretch with time, and may prove to be too loose later on. Synthetic climbing shoes are better at retaining the shape, but don’t let feet breathe as much as leather climbing shoes. Lined leather is just a combination of leather and synthetic materials.

Climbing shoes would feature either a Velcro or a lace-up closure. Velcro offers a wider opening, and makes it easier to get the shoe on and off. Lace-up, on the other hand, does not make it easier to get on and off, but offers more security than Velcro.

The following are the best rock climbing shoes today that shine in their respective categories.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes Overall – La Sportiva Katana Lace Unisex

The Katana Lace climbing shoe shines no matter which terrain it’s on. It has hooking, edging, and smearing abilities that make it ideal for vertical and slab climbing.

La Sportiva Katana Lace for Men


La Sportiva Katana Lace for Women


The Katana Lace will also do well in crack climbing, thanks to its semi-pliable Vibram XS Edge rubber and laces. When bouldering or climbing overhangs, the shoe is also a reliable companion because of its asymmetrical toe box, aggressiveness, and a P3 midsole that helps keep the shoe’s sole downturned.

– versatile
– comfortable
– durable

– pricey
– often not in stock
– toe hooking could improve

Best Classic Rock Climbing Shoes – La Sportiva Miura

The La Sportiva Miura climbing shoe utilizes the Vibram XS Edge that combines stickiness and durability. It is extremely long-lasting, and enables the La Sportiva to stick to small footholds securely.

La Sportiva Miura for Men


La Sportiva Miura for Women


This rubber is thicker around the front to effectively protect the toes when jammed into cracks. Aside from this, the toe box has an asymmetrical design, and the shoe is built to shift weight to the toes in order to allow climbers to stand on even just one toe.

– versatile
– durable
– excellent at edging

– laces are not durable
– heel might slip out while hooking
– thick rubber decreases sensitivity

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet – Scarpa Instinct (Unisex)

The Scarpa Instinct climbing shoe is ideal for those with wide feet who like climbing overhung and vertical terrain. It can perform well in crack climbing too, thanks to its Vibram edge. Support and sensitivity are equally provided by this shoe.


Fitted with a suede upper and with laces, the Scarpa Instinct shoe may be comfortably worn the whole day, but it excels in bouldering and single-pitch settings. All in all, this shoe is stiff, aggressive, and ultra-sticky, and has a heel that is outstandingly durable.

– great for hooking and edging
– good sensitivity
– easy to adjust fit

– heel cup is a bit big
– long break-in period
– can be uncomfortable

Best Comfortable Rock Climbing Shoes for Men – La Sportiva Mythos

The La Sportiva Mythos climbing shoe is still one of the top-selling models today, and it’s no surprise since it offers comfort like nothing else.

La Sportiva Mythos for Men

La Sportiva Mythos for Women


Climbers who have foot issues can even spend the whole day climbing with these shoes and wouldn’t find anything to complain about. The La Sportiva Mythos is made from soft unlined leather that already feels cozy from the get go. The shoe will stretch out with time, making it fit the foot perfectly. The overall snugness is provided by the shoe’s unique lacing system, and make the shoe more appropriate for cragging.

– can be worn all day
– great for cragging
– ultra-comfortable

– not advisable for edging
– toes may be too bendy
– not-aggressive

Best Value Rock Climbing Shoes – Five Ten Anasazi (Unisex)

The Five Ten Anasazi climbing shoes are comfortable both on the pocket and on the feet. The shoe may even be worn the whole day without feeling the pinch that other shoes tend to have.


The Anasazi’s flat sole and slipper design makes it possible to comfortably go on long courses, and make the shoe perfect for edging. It is able to endure tough and rugged terrains. The thick rubber and stiff midsole makes it easy to stick to edges. Climbers will also appreciate the lined Cowdura upper that doesn’t easily stretch, giving the assurance that the Anasazi climbing shoe will hardly stretch.

– maintains shape
– great for edging
– comfortable

– upper wears quickly
– may feel clunky initially
– Velcro can hurt in cracks

Best Sport Rock Climbing Shoes – La Sportiva Unisex Genius

Sport climbing involves going up steep terrain and edging skills. The La Sportiva Genius is a superbly solid shoe that supports climbers on various sport routes. It also does well in bouldering, but does even better in sport climbing where different angles or surfaces are tackled by climbers.


The La Sportiva Genius has no trouble sticking to tiny footholds with its No-Edge technology. This technology makes it possible for the shoe to conform to a bigger hold area. The La Sportiva Genius climbing shoe’s stickiness and sensitivity is a step above the rest, making it truly topnotch.

– no-edge
– super sensitive without being too soft
– laces allow customs fit

– not for crack climbing
– cannot be resoled
– pricey

Best Bouldering Rock Climbing Shoes – La Sportiva Solution

The La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe seem to be truly made for bouldering. Its downturned sole and P3 platform enables climbers to effortlessly hook onto holds in overhanging boulders.

La Sportiva Solution for Men

La Sportiva Solution for Women


The shoe can easily be customized to fit with its fast-lacing system. The Lock Harness technology delivers a more secure fit during heel hooking by wrapping around the foot. Using Vibram XS Grip2, the Sportiva is able to toe hook on small edges well, especially on limestone.

– sensitive
– superb toe and heel hooking
– easy on and off

– pricey
– not for all-day use
– not too versatile

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Long Routes – Five Ten Gambit VCS

The Gambit VCS is a less aggressive climbing shoe that is ideal for beginner or intermediate climbers tackling long routes.


It uses the Stealth C4 rubber outsole, and leather uppers. The tongue is made from neoprene that provides softness and comfort. It allows more air to go into the shoe, keeping the feet cool. The Gambit’s midsole is composed of a molded thermosplastic, and the shoe has a Velcro closure with a standard buckle.

– adjustable Velcro fit
– easy to get on and off
– good value

– huge gap for the laces
– feels flimsy
– not durable

Best Beginner’s Rock Climbing Shoes – Evolv Defy

Evolv Defy for Men

Evolv Defy for Women

The ideal beginner’s climbing shoe should be reliable and comfortable, without the hefty price tag. The Evolv Defy climbing shoe is all of those things, and will even last for a good while. Its Velcro design and pointy toe matches many of the higher end models today. Suited not only for sport climbing, but also for the gym, it nevertheless performs well in nearly all kinds of climbs, except for extreme edging. The Evolv Defy also offers comfort that beginners will be thankful for.

– sensitive
– great value
– comfortable

– not for extreme edging
– loose fit
– toes curl up during first few uses

Best Traditional Rock Climbing Shoes – La Sportiva TC

The La Sportiva TC can answer all the demands that trad climbing places on a shoe. With this shoe, toes lie flat in order for the foot to jam into thin cracks. It also has laces that allow a more customized shoe fit.

La Sportiva TC for Men

La Sportiva TC for Women


The La Sportiva TC was made for climbing vertical faces, and for edging. It fits amazingly in the tiniest of cracks, thanks to its flat toe. Climbers can confidently stand in cracks without worrying about crushing their feet since the La Sportiva TC can hold its shape owing to its stiffness.

– reliable all-around shoes
– great edging
– ideal for crack climbing

– pricey
– not too versatile
– shoe tongue has a tendency to roll inwards

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Overhangs and Slabs – Evolv Supra

The Evolv Supra climbing shoe does a good job challenging overhangs and steep technical face climbing. The shoe’s synthetic upper may initially feel stiff, but it will stretch and conform to the foot over time.


The Supra can easily be put on and taken off even between climbs, thanks to its three top straps. The slight downturn of the shoe make it do well on overhanging routes where toes should hook on almost-horizontal footholds.

– rubber everywhere
– padded closure
– value for money

– lacks sensitivity
– feels stiff initially
– rubber may be too soft